The Teresian Charism

The origin of the renewed Carmel and the very nature of its vocation are tightly bound up with the life and Charism of Teresa of Avila who with her mystical graces, led the path to renewal, making prayer and contemplation her life’s commitment.

The renewed Carmel is like the «little group» of Jesus’ followers in the Gospel, and consists of a few nuns committed to live the Gospel and keeping the «Original Rule» in solitude and strict poverty.

Teresa, who was led to a deeper knowledge of the life of the Church with its trials and sufferings, also brought to the new family of the Carmel the apostolic spirit.
Her life of prayer and withdrawal was lived out in dedication to the Church.

Finally, the vocation of the Discalced Carmelites was finally defined when St. Teresa became aware of the difficulties the Church of her time had to reach those who had not yet heard the Gospel. This awareness strengthened her care and passion for the Missions, rekindled her apostolic zeal and drove her to involve in her project of renewal also a few friars, who shared this same spirit.

Throughout all her journeys, undertaken in order to found new monasteries, Teresa strives to maintain the heritage of the Carmel.

Her devotion to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the biblical roots, the prophets, the fathers of our traditions, the faithfulness to the true spirit of the Rule, together with a renewed apostolic surge, all these were for her the pillars of the revitalized Charism.

St. John of the Cross, who providentially shared the Reform with Teresa, was the living image of the true Carmelite. They both introduced a new lifestyle, based on the most genuine traditions of the Order.

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