The convent of Jerusalem

We had to wait until the 20th century for Discalced Carmelites Fathers had a convent in the capital of the Holy Land. On March 9, 1934, the new convent of Discalced Carmelites Fathers in Jerusalem is blessed. The chosen place was provisional, and it belonged to Dominicans Fathers. (The figure of Fr. Lagrange, OP appears in this chronicle). The main purpose of the foundation was to have a place where there were friars who could specialize in Sacred Scripture. Let us read Inauguration, first community and first students in these brief accounts of The Chronicle of Mount Carmel:

«Thursday, March 8. Father Gabino, Father Carmelo, and Friar Daniel are appointed to the foundation of Jerusalem. A few days ago, Fr. Daniel has gone to put the house in order. Today the two conventual fathers leave Mount Carmel and go to their new destination, where they go with our Vicar, reverend father  Augustin, Procurator of Mount Carmel, Father Joseph, Provincial Apostolic Vicar of Syria and Reverend father Gabriel who must attend the music of Installation ceremonies. The Custos of Holy Land is invited as well as Dominicans Fathers of Jerusalem, of which we are near. The arrival of Reverend father Edmundo, superior of our Community in Cairo, is also expected. His Beatitude Mons. Barlassina, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem will bless the chapel and the convent. Tomorrow morning S. Excl. Mons. Fellinger, auxiliary bishop of the Patriarch, will say the votive Mass of St. Joseph, Patron of the Chapel. This is the address of the new convent: Discalced Carmelite Fathers. P.O.B: 1002, Jerusalem. PALESTINE.

The new residence that for some time was of the Dominicans Fathers, is located on the  Damascus Street, outside the city walls and a short distance from the door of the same name; and although small, it has a devoted chapel, seventeen well-oriented cells and the other dependencies necessary for a Community; the three religious who now form the community are Spanish, Father Gabino of the Virgin of the Rosary,  Father Carmel of Jesus Crucified and Friar Daniel of the Holy Spirit, and is placed under the invocation of the glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph, protector of the entire Carmelite Order.

In our last issue on page 85, we had told you about the inauguration of our new convent in Jerusalem, mentioning the guests we expected for such event. This convent will soon receive young fathers of the entire Order, who have finished their studies at the International College of Rome, and designated to come to do in Jerusalem, a year of practice in Sacred Scripture. The foundation was approved in our last General Chapter and the Sacred Congregation of Religious gave her `Placet` on August 8, 1932.

Responsible for finding the place, for building a new convent, Our Vicar of Mount Carmel approaches Jerusalem, and due to happy circumstances, they offered to him the small convent nestled on the property of Dominican Fathers of St. Stephen. It is in this modest house that the wise Dominican professor began their installation in Jerusalem, before building the current French Biblical and archaeological School. In this place, R. Lagrange spent the first twelve years of his laborious life in the Holy Land.

The election of the position has been to the liking of our Superiors General, the first conventual friars were chosen from the community of Mount Carmel, which is also responsible for furniture and expenses.

The chapel and the house were blessed on March 9 by S. Excl. Mons. Barlassina, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and the next day, March 10, S. Excl. Mons. Fellinger, assistant to the Patriarch, celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Chapel.

The students destined to begin their studies of Philosophy have arrived in group, under the tutelage of Fr. Isadore, who will study Sacred Scripture in Jerusalem. (1934, September).

Friday, November 23. Father Gebhard de San Lauren from the Province of Bavaria goes to Jerusalem to follow the Sacred Scripture Course ».

P. Óscar I. Aparicio Ahedo, ocd


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