The blessed Carmelite sister Mary of Jesus Crucified worshipped the Holy Spirit

The blessed Carmelite sister Mary of Jesus Crucified worshipped the Holy Spirit a lot. She continually made supplications unto Him in her life in utmost trust in Him. In one of her spiritual journeys, she heard a voice saying  :

If you decide to look for me, know me and follow me,

Invoke the light, the Holy Spirit who enlightened my disciples,

And He will enlighten all peoples who invoke Him.

Whoever invokes the Holy Spirit, will look for me and find me

His conscience will be as delicate as a flower in the field.

If the person is the father or mother of a family, peace will reign in his family,

And his heart will be in peace in this world and in the next.

He will not die in darkness, but in peace.

I ardently desire that you say that: «All priests say a Mass each month in honor of the Holy spirit, whoever will say it or hear it will be honored by the Holy Spirit Himself. He will have light, he will have peace; he will cure the sick; he will awaken those who are asleep».

The blessed sister Mary of Jesus Crucified wished for this lofty worship to spread among monks and believers. She submitted a request in the regard of His Holiness Pope Pius IX. His successor Pope Leo XIII ordered a novena in honor of the Holy Spirit to be held in preparation for the feast of Pentecost. This measure was in fact the response of the Ecclesiastical Authority to the desire of Christ expressed through His maid, Mary of Jesus Crucified, who composed a supplication for the Holy Spirit and our mother the Virgin Mary. It is short, beautiful and so simple, and you and all the believers had better recite in faithfully and enthusiastically every day:

«Holy Spirit, inspire me,

Love of God, consume me.

Along the true road, lead me.

Mary my Mother, look upon me.

With Jesus, bless me.

From all evil, from all illusion,

From all danger, preserve me».

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