The Assumption of the Virgin Mary … source of hope

Our love for Mary, figure of the Church wife, is a way of reminding us that holiness is not just an individual matter. Mary welcoming the One who gives his life for his wife and who unites her as his own Body, makes visible in her person the fullness of the gift of the Holy Spirit, realizing in herself the plan of God the Father, that is, our sanctification.

In contemplating Mary in heaven, like the one in whom the Lord has done wonders, we discover not only the personal holiness of the Mother of God, but also the holiness of all ecclesial communion. The holiness of the church participates in the body of its most eminent member who has responded to the urgent call of the Son: «Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect» (Mt 5, 47).

In honouring Mary as the ripe fruit, that enjoys fullness, it fills us with hope, because She is the first beneficiary of the new creation that is the fruit of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Therefore, it fills us with joy to realize that this saving love which has reached its fullness in Her, it is nothing more than the first fruits of the same Love that saves all men.

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