Teresa of Jesus, divine and human together, founder of Discalced Carmel

To speak of Teresa of Jesus is to speak of the Mother who gave us life in the Church, inspired by the Lord who was the vital center of her experience. Each birth goes through suffering, the pain of difficulties, misunderstandings, hostilities, little revenge; Almost the entire local Catholic hierarchy has participated in this project, which initially affected only the Carmelite sisters and six years later also us friars. These same people have at times put up difficulties, obstacles and condemnations, motivated by strange logic to spiritual values ​​in the field. Bishops, apostolic nuncios, prominent figures, priests and religious, as well as the King himself and noble families of the time have been called in cause by our holy Mother, who as such spared no effort to make her creature (oeuvre) be born and grow, according to the God’s will.

Teresa, in addition to being a nun sanctified by grace, gifted with a keen critical sense and open to the action of the Spirit, built her powerful female personality throughout its 67 years of life. From this point of view, she has lacked nothing: she is strong and tender at the same time. She is open to all but without constricting limitations, intelligent and obedient; confident and respectful; active and mystical; in poor health, but always on the move; cheerful and morally rigorous; able to build and receive true friendships; united to the relatives and always free. Thinker and writer with humility and submission to superiors, in need of learning from all educated people but within the beauty of the Word that she saves. She is a bright, friendly, creative woman, accommodating in the midst of needs. Indefatigable hiker through the Spanish geography (about 6000 km) as well as the paths of perfection. In all her experience, a certain inner youth emerges from her, and a search for the truth that never left her.

She was esteemed and loved by all who crossed her path, but she was also publicly deceived and criticized by those who misjudged her. Complex and harmonious personality, of great expressive ease both in written and oral language; respectful of the dignity and character of her sisters, while noting her defects. She is known for her open and sincere humor. Yet she confesses a great sinner.

A woman in love with Christ, her husband, like the Magdalene, and she reserves for him the most beautiful and profound looks and all the emotions of her woman’s heart. There is no page of her writing that echoes her presence.

His humanity is not artificial or façade: it reflects that which Christ assumed in the mystery of the Incarnation. She is touched and motivated by it: She receives light for the exercise of daily virtues, with precise behaviors: thinking about him, looking at him, listen to his Word, feed on his body; she carries Jesus within herself and with him when she travels in uncomfortable cars in constant travel, in human relationships and with her sisters. Teresa shows herself in her integrity as a mature woman of hers; also letting we breathe a fascinating supernatural perfume. The most clamorous and lofty result of her relationship with God continues to be her open heart: what words fail to say becomes an open wound, a loving values of vertical greatness and graces.

Teresa is the Samaritan woman of the gospel who seeks to quench her thirst, and in Jesus who is waiting for her by the well, she finds not only water, but also the source of life. She is a thirsty soul for living water and she wishes to give it abundantly with her experience and writings, to her family, as an inheritance to her daughters and sons.


Father Attilio Ghisleri, ocd

Stella Maris – Haifa

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