Stones with a message. Father Kubrianus from Mount Carmel

For a few weeks, in the Latin parish of San Joseph of Haifa, from the top of Carmel, a nice initiative has emerged. Father Kubrianus, from Lebanon, who is helping the Delegation of Israel since November 2020, artist, painter, singer and many other things … has started to paint «stones with a message» that are having a great impact among young people and not only. We ask to him some questions:

Father Kubrianus, where does this initiative come from? What made you start painting these little stones with motivating spiritual messages for life?

We are in a historical moment where people feel the weight of life and sometimes they lack respite. I have started to paint these stones with small messages of the gospel, messages of life and hope that allow us to lift our spirits, and give us strength to face our day to day without major headaches.

What reaction do you see among the people?

People welcome it with so much joy, they take the stones out of my hands. I did not think that such a simple thing could have this great impact on the parish. It consists in little messages, but made with sympathy and grace… and people appreciate it because it helps to face every day with passion.

How could frame this initiative in your vocation as a Discalced Carmelite?

Saint Teresa used to say: «a sad saint is a sad saint». We have been almost two years of lockdown, and families suffering, and many people lacks of enthusiasm and motivation. If our spirituality does not help others to transmit life and hope, it suffers from something important. The Lord has given me this artistic sensitivity. «I have received it for free … I share it with pleasure».

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