Regina Decor Carmeli

We, brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, joyfully celebrate her feast. Our heart is illuminated by her maternal presence, our life is inspired by what she lived in the simplicity of Nazareth, our spirit seeks her as Sister on the journey of life, Mother who touches us in her closeness and help, Queen who it shares with Jesus the glory of a paradise that enters our soul.

The beauty of Mount Carmel is combined with the wholly interior beauty of Mary: the first Carmelite monks since their birth sought and wanted it at the center of their attention as an oasis of innocence, tenderness, delicacy. A rough and isolated life did not prevent the candor of this young woman from entering as an integral part of their being, as the motivation for an entirely contemplative life. In love with Christ the Lord, we discover the eternal benevolence of the Father and the simple and humble heart of a Mother who has been given to us.

We, today here on Mount Carmel are not only aware of this Marian past, but we humbly try to relive it with modern tones, with diligent attention to its intense Christocentric spirituality. Let us join the zeal to accompany so many souls who arrive at the basilica dedicated to her, to honor her, to pray to her. Our feast today, July 16, is extended to all those in the world who wear the scapular, a gift from her, as a sign of belonging and as a distinctive mark of a devoted spiritual encounter, which always brings joy of the heart.

Regina Decor Carmeli, ora pro nobis.

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