Merry Christmas with Edith Stein

When the days in a normal winter, become gradually shorts and the first snowflakes begin to fall, the first thoughts of Christmas arise timidly and quietly.  From the single word, a special charm already emerges, to which hardly a heart can resist.

Those who do not share our faith and even non-believers, for whom the old story of the Child of Bethlehem has no meaning, prepare for this holiday and develop ways and means to light here and there a ray of happiness.

It is as if from weeks and months ago a warm torrent of love overflowed on the earth. A celebration of love and joy, we all march in the first months of winter towards this star. For Christians, and especially for Catholics, it means something even deeper. The star leads them to the manger with the Child who brought peace to the world.

Christian art presents it before our eyes in numerous and tender images; old melodies, in which all the charm of childhood resonates, speak of him. The «rorate» bells and the songs of Advent awaken in the hearts of those who live with the Church a holy longing; and he who has penetrated the inexhaustible spring of the liturgy feels more and more deeply shaken by the words and promises of the Prophet of the Incarnation that says:

«Rorate coeli desuper et nubes pluant justum »

«Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain the just» (Is 45, 8)

The Lord is near, come! Let us adore Him! Come, come Lord, do not delay!

Rejoice Jerusalem; fill yourself with joy for your Savior comes! (Zechariah 9, 9) “.

From the 17th to the 24th of December the solemn antiphons «Oh» of the Magnificat resound (Oh Wisdom !; Oh Adonai !; Oh Root of Jesse !; Oh Key of David !; Oh Dawn !; Oh King of the peoples!) calling more and more fervent and anxious: «Come save us!»

More and more promising resounds also the «Behold, everything has been fulfilled» (on the last Sunday of Advent); and finally: «Today you will see that the Lord approaches and tomorrow you will contemplate his greatness».

Precisely when at nightfall the Christmas Tree is lit and the exchange of gifts begins, an anxiety still unsatisfied drives us outwards, towards the shining of another light, until the bells touch the Mass of the Rooster and the mystery of Christmas Eve renews on the altars covered with flowers and lights: «And the Word became flesh! (John 1, 14). That is the hour of fullness».


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