«Let’s wake up the universe». Santa Mariam Baouardy Center in Bethlehem

On 17/02/2019, the Santa Mariam Baouardy spirituality center was inaugurated on the anniversary of the saint’s canonization, the date chosen by the  Carmelite sister Ferial (daughter of this land) and great follower of Mariam, her compatriot to make her Perpetual Profession in the Carmel of Bethlehem.

It is not only a prayer and community hostel but a beautiful corner of nature, to host the silence necessary for prayer. It is a place with a strong spiritual imprint since it is the place where King David shepherded his sheep, and where surely with his flute he interpreted beautiful melodies for the Lord. It also has a spiritual richness through the message and presence of Mariam, still alive in the daily intercession of the Discalced Carmelites of Bethlehem.

The Center bears the title «We wake up the universe», in reference to the ecstasy of Mariam. One day, in dialogue with the mother superior she told her: “See, nature praises Our Lord; the sky, the stars, the trees, the grasses, all rent it; the man, who knows his benefits, who should praise him, he sleeps! … Come, Let’s wake up the universe … “.

From this vision and the life of Mariam consecrated to love, peace and the service of others, the mission of this center is inspired by the steps of Mariam who with her attitude has become the ambassador of peace in the Middle East.

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