Interviews to Fr. Romano… on his visit to Stella Maris

Twice he has visited already this year Fr. Romano Gambalunga, General Postulator of the Order, the Monastery of Stella Maris and the Delegation of Israel, among other things to set the basis of an eventual opening for the cause of beatification of the Fr. Mauricio Vigani, ocd.
Within these frame, we made him some questions:

1. Father Romano, you have known a bit Fr. Mauricio: which are your first impresions in the context of the opening of his cause at the Holy Land? And, what message does his presence offers to us?

The impressions are good. Speaking with the persons who have known him, I feel that there is joy on having stated an official interest for the possible opening of the cause of beatification. In addition, I can say that within speaking to these persons, it is evident that Fr. Mauricio has left a fingerprint, that his life has not been a common testimony, but that he has touched the people and the memory is fondly. In fact, when they speak about him, in a certain way their eyes start to shine.
Regarding to his message I would say that -because he decided to pass the last nine years of his life in the Holy Land and his express desire to die there, when the treatment against the cancer proved to be ineffective in Italy, he returned- Fr. Maurizio understood very well the roots of our Order and experienced the message of the Carmel as the place of the prophets, the place of profound hearing the Word of God on intimacy with the Lord, who acts in the history and manifests in the loneliness of a sutil but effective way. I think that his experience is also very important for the Delegation.

2. Regarding the imminent beatification of the Father Maria-Eugenio of the Baby Jesus and Elisabeth of the Trinity’s canonization, what tools do we have to prepare ourselves better to receive these graces so expected by the Carmelite Order and by the whole Church?

On the occasion of Elizabeth’s canonization, Fr. General is preparing a letter and that will be published in several languages, surely it will be a tool to be aware and receive the actuality of her message. In addition we can find a great quantity of material in the web page of the nuns of Flavignerot and also very soon in the one from the General Postulation, which will start very soon.
In regards to the P. Maria-Eugenio, in the web page of «Notre Dame de Vie» they have placed a dossier of press, where they offer news as well as the circular letter of the Institute.

Concerning the celebrations of the canonization of Elisabeth, on Friday night (Oct. 14th.) there will be a reading of texts, followed by the dialog with a Cardinal and a laic representative of the culture, to extend her message outside our own environments. The following day (Oct. 15th.) in the Parish of Holy Teresa, a moment of prayer will take place. Finally the Mass of gratitude on Monday (Oct. 17th.) in Saint Paul Basilique outside the walls.

3. It seems that the website of the general postulation will be ready in the near future. Might you anticipate which will be the innovations and the advantages of this new page?

Bearing in mind that many of our servants of God, venerables, beatified and saints have awaken interest upon our monasteries, provinces and delegations, I have thought about a page of the postulation that allows to follow the path of every saint, which offers also the informative material and the works that the postulation makes. Not immediately, but a video channel is foreseen also, with interviews, celebrations, etc., that on one hand reports, but also offers paths of formation, explains the meaning of a cause of beatification in the Church, the procedure to follow, the steps required and the difficulties that are necessary to confront.

The new website will offer an important documentation (for example the Positio, the liturgical texts of the saints, etc.), in order that, deepening into the message of the different figures, it will become also an authentic service to the evangelization.

Hereby, I think that simply we are in comunion with the last Popes, who often have repeated that the saints are the best witnesses of the mercy of God and –each one on his own way– they always are instruments to evangelize.

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