Come, Holy Spirit, come!

When the memory and prophecy of the Church seem to fade, when our spirits darken and fail to recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd, they see SPIRIT OF WISDOM.

When with our words we fail to transmit to this world (which is ours) joy and peace, when our faith seems to vanish, when docility and obedience to your Word seem like things of other times… COME SPIRIT OF COUNSEL, make us credible and convincing proclaimers of the Word that saves.

When the powers of this world seem to envelop us, when fear or disappointment seem to take over our life, when injustice or division breaks the community of your faithful, see SPIRIT OF STRENGTH.

Whenever we need to purify our gaze and our desires, make proper use of the goods of nature, of the earth, of spiritual goods… see SPIRIT OF SCIENCE.

Every time we run away from your love, from your intimacy, from the gift of yourself… every time we have ignored the depth of revelation, your desire to have us with you and in you, see SPIRIT OF INTELLIGENCE AND HOLINESS… wrap us, comfort us… transform us into your love.

When we are dry inside, and we do not see the tenderness of the Father, when prayers, images, winks of nature, of life, of people… leave us equally indifferent… see SPIRIT OF PIETY, Give us a sensitive heart… make us a stable abode of your presence.

When we feel strong and proud of ourselves, able to make our own way (without needing anything or anyone) and no longer look at you, at your project… see SPIRIT OF THE HOLY FEAR OF GOD, able to live up to the image you have printed on each one of us, the imprint of your own being.

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