Christian schools of high level risk to close in Israel

The Latin Patriarchy in Jerusalem, denonces and analyzes the diffused results from Israeli Office of the education, that classifies the schools for rank from 1 to 4, with the greatest part of the Catholic institutes, situated in the first two levels and only one in the third one.

«If we analyze carefully the report, we will realize that the private schools are relatively better of the public schools in general, and while the Christians constitute only the 1% of population of Israel, the Christian schools they represent the 3% of the list! … and we can always do better!», Wadie Abunassar has declared, member of the community Arab-Christian, manager of the Center Intenazionale for the Consultations and expert of the Israeli, Palestinian and international media in the Middle East and Holy Land.

The Christian schools in Israel (you manage from Catholics, orthodox and Protestants of the various denominations) are in total 47 and they are frequented by around 33 thousands of Christian students, Moslems, Hebrews and druses.

It is unsolved, however, the knot of the reduction of the public financings to the Christian schools, decreased of 45% in six years, which the recent prohibition is added for the same institutes to receive funds from the families of the students. The government has finally exhorted the Christian schools to joined the educational system of the Israeli public schools: a measure perceived as a threat to their own identity.

After the strike of 27 days held him to the beginning of last scholastic year, the Christian schools had gotten from the Office of the education the accord for a new financing of 5 million NIS, beginning from March 31 2016. Money that, however, it is never indeed reached, leaving many of the Christian institutes on the edge of the failure.

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