Brother Gabriel, painting and spirituality on Mount Carmel

As many of you know, Br. Gabriel became part of the General Delegation of Israel on December 10th, 2016, although he was already here from 2012 to 2014, in this house of Stella Maris, cradle of the Order of Discalced Carmelites.

Br. Gabriel is originally from the Province of St. Joseph of Korea and in these lines, we have the honour to present one of his recently finished works, at the same time, we took the opportunity to ask him two questions:

– Brother Gabriel, how and when did you discover this vocation for painting?

Before entering Carmel, I already felt a passion and certain aptitudes for the art of painting. Later on in Carmel, I studied Arts at the University of Seoul (2001-2005) and from there I have been practicing in various fields: our spirituality, landscape, portraiture, etc. At the moment,  I have about 50 works, which I have had occasion to exhibit in Seoul, in the Cites of Avila, in Poland and now in Haifa (Israel).

– Could you explain this picture of St. Teresa that you have just finished?

The title of this painting is «Saint Teresa and her work». In the foreground we have the image of the St. Teresa, symbolizing the book of her “Autobiography”, the doves in red remind us of the fire of the Holy Spirit, which descends in her interior and launches her with impetus to found monasteries of discalced Carmelites throughout the Spanish geography («Foundations»). «The Way of Perfection» is subtly drawn with wavy luminous striations that go from the bottom  to the top of the painting, passing through some foundations (Avila, Malagon, Toledo, Burgos …) until reaching «The Interior Castle» located in the upper right, symbolizing the «mansion» and the main objective of our life: the love encounter and the communion with God. This painting will form an altarpiece along with another already painted that is called «Saint John of the Cross and his work»; so the two initiators of the Teresian Carmel will be together.



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