26th August: Saint Mariam of Jesus Crucified

Big day for all the Carmel of the Holy Land: August 26, feast of Saint Mariam of Jesus Crucified.

She was Born in Abellin, a small town near Nazareth and not far from Mount Carmel.

Her memory guides the Carmel family in the right direction: towards the land where she was born. The Land of the Bible, of the Patriarchs and Prophets, the land of the Messiah and of the Holy Family.

The Saint of Abellin passionately loves her land and her people. Far from them, she feels in exile. She says: «I will not die here (in France) I will go to die in Bethlehem». And she adds: «A Carmel will be built on a small height, on the cradle of my father David and will have the shape of a tower: “turris Davidica” ».

She is the favorite daughter of Elijah, the prophet of Mount Carmel, she has the same daring of her, she asks God for a sign that the Carmel of Bethlehem will be built and a sign was given to her: «from some dry leaves a beautiful geranium sprouts. The Saint baptizes the geranium with the name of the prophet of Anatot (Jeremiah) ».

An authentic Carmelite, her spirit vibrates with the imprint of God, embodied in her land, witnessed in her people.

Father Francisco Negral, ocd

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