The «Magnificat» of Mariam de Jesus Crucified

Mariam, like all the saints of Carmel, returns us to the requirement of union with God, which is obtained by giving our nothing to his incandescent Love. God wants to do great things in us, yet we want to live and surrender to Him without return. The «little Nothing of Galilee» thus reminds us of another Mariam, also from Galilee, whose Magnificat continues to remind to us that the Lord is bending over the humble of this world to fill them with His presence.

One of the most spontaneous manifestations of joy in the heart of little Mariam is her wonder at creation, which leads her to sing her own Magnificat:

«How happy I am that God created me to call him my God! I cannot restrain myself: I have such great peace and joy! I do not know what I have or where I am. My heart and everything in me melts like the clearest oil that flows gently into me … I am in God and God is in me. I feel that all creatures, trees, flowers belong to God and … also to me… I have no will, it is united to God, and all that is to God is mine … I would like a heart Greater than the universe … ».

«Everyone is sleeping. And …God, so full of goodness, so great, worthy of praise, is forgotten! No one thinks of Him! See nature praises Him; the sky, the stars, the trees, the grasses, all praise Him. … And the man who knows his blessings, who ought to praise him, he is asleep! Come, let us awaken the universe».


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