An Interesting international meeting in Stella Maris

During these days (from January 13th until January 17th), at the Stella Maris monastery, there is taking place a Meeting of the Coordination of the Episcopal Conferences of various countries, in support of the Churches of the Holy Land.

This year Galilee has been chosen as the point of reference in order to visit the religious, educational and sociocultural structures, which allows one to get in touch with the Christian, Hebrew, Muslim and Palestinian population.

There are 38 participants, including 17 bishops from Europe, the United States, Canada, and South Africa who are taking part with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The focus of this Coordination gathering is to participate and animate moments of prayer with the diverse religious confessions, and to become pilgrims of what has been heard and verified of the complicated and diversified realities of the Holy Land. This is so that when everyone returns to their respective countries, they could put pressure on the local authorities for the good of the common interests of this part of the Holy Land, and generally speaking, to help to increase the possibilities that the population would live together in peace.

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